BallBack “Rim Skin”


The BallBack “Rim Skin” basketball practicing system

  • Makes the rim slightly more narrow
  • Intended to help train your accuracy and improve accuracy, “aim small, miss small” philosophy
  • Makes competition games easier, because practice is more difficult
  • Features holes around the outer edge to help train visual cues
  • Easily slips on and off the hoop (no tools required)

The real game becomes easy, because practice is more challenging!


The BallBack Rim Skin is the perfect addition to any driveway or gym hoop! It easily slips onto the rim creating a tighter and more difficult target. This is based on the old saying “aim small, miss small.” or “practice makes perfect.” The idea is that by practicing shooting at a smaller target, you will build accuracy which will make you more effective during a real game. In fact, by making your practice more difficult than real competition, real competition will become comparatively easier.

Our unique basketball hoop Rim Skin also features visible holes around the outside which can help as visual cues for where to shoot. This thoughtful design allows you to get the most out of your practice hours. Not all time spent practicing is the same, but by practicing for accuracy and training on visual cues, you can train your muscle memory and focus to be extremely accurate and ready for the real game!

The Rim Skin is easy to install and will be ready to go in minutes with no tools required! Easily slip this product on and off the hoop as needed to take your practice to the next level.

It’s time to level up!