Putting Tuner

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The Putting Tuner
Precision Putting Practice

  • Aim small, miss small!
  • Smaller target to improve precision
  • Tuning forks ring when you hit them, creating an audible reinforcing cue
  • The Putting Tuner kicks perfect puts straight back to you!
  • Take it and use it anywhere

Improve your practice, improve your game!


Precision Putting Practice

Fine tune your putting game with this incredible practice tool!

PUTTING TUNER is a great golf putting practice aide. When you sink a perfect put, the Putting Tuner will kick the ball directly to you. Our product features narrow tuning forks which ring when you hit them. Aiming at this narrow target and training to hit a smaller target will help to improve precision and accuracy. It is like the old saying “aim small, miss small.” The tuning forks ringing on impact trains your game using psychology techniques like positive reinforcement and conditioning. This subtle feature does help train the mind and can improve your putting precision more quickly.

Place the tuner on the putting green or anywhere else including the carpet!┬áIt’s made with a solid aluminum for stability & long life. This is the only putting practice you will ever need and it will last for years!